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Carl Leiter Can Help You To

  • Qualify for Nursing Home Payment Benefits.  You Choose the Facility.
  • Protect And Conserve Your Hard Earned Savings.
  • Shelter and Secure Your Personal Family Home.
  • Get the Care You Need Without Going Broke Getting it.
  • For Middle Class Families with homes and savings to protect. 
  • Also, Find Out About Government Aid and Attendance Payments for American Veterans
  • Get the Benefits of the Secrets that the Government Does Not Tell You About

    The Government will pay the entire cost of a long-term stay in a nursing home
    -- if you know how to qualify and apply!  


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Help for Middle Class Families Who Would Otherwise Exhaust Their Savings. 


                                    YOU DESERVE TO GET YOUR BENEFITS

You can legally protect yourself and senior family members from the high costs of long term nursing home care and even eliminate nursing home costs, obtain payment under Title XIX of the Public Health and Welfare Act, and protect all or most of your resources and savings, including your home... if you plan into it.  Millions of dollars of nursing home benefits, just for middle class families, are going unclaimed, if for no other reason, than families simply don't know they exist.  These nursing home benefit payments cannot legally be denied to those who choose to qualify and to participate.  The Veteran's Administration has special rules for Veterans benefits, and Title XIX has special rules for non-Veterans.  There is some overlap, and special attention is required.  I will provide you with professional assistance and take the time to explain the process. I will show you your options without a sales pitch.  Normally our clients enjoy a savings of $4,000 to $9,000 in nursing home expenses every month.

Tap-In To Special Eldercare Payments

Federal and California State laws provide advance planning opportunities which allow you to conserve your home and your savings and still qualify for Medi-Cal Nursing Home Payment Benefits, if you prepare before a catastrophic event strikes. These benefits are completely separate from the Medi-Cal welfare program. These benefits have been created specifically, just for all seniors who need long term nursing home care, so that they do not become impoverished.  Wealth is not a barrier to qualification planning.  You do not need to be poor, or to impoverish yourself, or to sell or mortgage your home, or to exhaust your savings.  But you need to protect yourself.  If you wait too long, you could lose your rights to qualify for these benefits. If you want to receive the quality care to which you are entitled, you need to know how the system works... and how to make it work for you.  If you have a long term care nursing home expense coming up (or already in existence), which exceeds your monthly income, we can implement special procedures to legally require Medi-Cal to pay for your private nursing home care costs, and still protect you from forfeiting your home or your savings.  The government will pay your nursing home bills, if you know how to apply.  If you are a Veteran or a Veteran Widow/Widower, you can Tap-In To Special Veterans Administration payments with free information and reference materials to help you to apply on your own.

                  Find Out How Much You May Be Entitled To

For a no cost/no obligation free eligibility review, or a free Newsletter via eMail, call us directly at (949) 888-8229, or simply complete a request for more information. I will review your eligibility options with you, and how much you could expect to receive in private nursing home payment benefits.


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